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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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From the humble cottage elementary school and the city dump, the institute grew into a secondary school and later merged with Cookman Institute, the first Florida school for the education of Black boys.
Much to his interest, the city dump also serves another purpose: a motorcycle enthusiast's personal joyride.
Opal is an eccentric who lives in a dilapidated house next to the city dump.
The plan proposes that work be divided into four main parts: activating the waste water recycling station at Siniq, erecting a maritime wall to protect the area between the Sidon dump and Siniq, finding a general solution for the city's waste problem and finding a solution for the city dump after closing it.
IF Stoke City dump Newcastle out of the FA Cup tonight, owner Mike Ashley should put Sam Allarydce out of his misery straight away and hand the job to Toon legend Alan Shearer (right).
Mary Benson, treasurer for the neighborhood council, said it set a bad precedent for the city to spend city dump funds on a nonprofit museum foundation.
The city dump was so flail of refuse that it had to refuse more.
After a 10-minute hike through the city dump, McIntosh found what he was looking for: thousands of discarded tires.
A feeling of sickness when I visited the city dump and saw families with little children living there in cardboard boxes, going through the garbage looking for food.
A larger-than-scale replica of the famous California landmark, Maurizio Cattelan's Hollywood rose from the city dump in Palermo, Sicily, this June as part of the 49th Venice Biennale.
The city dump teems with men, women, and children who burrow in filth for their daily bread.
Since I am a walker I happened to see an entertainment/music store loading old cabinet-type tv's and organs onto a city dump truck one day.