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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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The only available spot was the city dump, an unsavory place called "Hell's Hole." The asking price was $250.
This year, for the first time in the history of the show, the Venice Biennale hosted an installation outside city limits: Cattelan's replica of the iconic Hollywood sign, mounted atop Palermo's city dump. For this issue's "Centerfold" feature, Cattelan presents an image of the project, photographed in situ by Attilio Maranzano.
In what he described in testimony as a "spring cleaning," his wife had the boxes carted off to the city dump. At the time, the papers relating to the string tests were under a court "non-destruct" order.
We may forget Steinbeck's presence in The Harvest Gypsies, but we don't forget the sights the stark modesty of his prose conveys"From a distance it looks like a city dump, and well it may, for the city dumps are the sources for the material of which it is built," Steinbeck writes of a migrant camp.
The last are what Dorney describes as cthe urban shadow, where man and nature fit together with a different set of rules." Other urban segments create habitats where humans and animals overlap -- the city dump, park lakes, roadways, back alleys.
Residents can bag their leaves and take them to the city dump. No action was taken at this time.
The dad of three works with some of the country's poorest children, who are living on a city dump and in slums.
Dumaguete City - The Liga ng mga Barangay of Dumaguete City is supporting the closure of the city dump in Barangay Candau-ay and replacing it with a sanitary landfill.
Meycauayan City Mayor Joan Alarilla said her late husband, Mayor Eduardo Alarilla, shut down the city dump and built a sanitary landfill to stop pollution at the Meycauayan River.
A garbage crisis recently intensified in Marjayoun after Sidon's city dump, which is the dumping site for many surrounding towns, exceeded its capacity a few months ago.
Hino's novel finds Shozo Saka, who has lost his wife, completely enthralled with the "Isle of Dreams"--an enchanting name given to the Tokyo city dump. Much to his interest, the city dump also serves another purpose: a motorcycle enthusiast's personal joyride.