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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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LORANE - Eugene police detectives needed a city dump truck to haul away some of the largest marijuana plants they've ever seized.
LANCASTER -- The body of a 32-year-old man was found Wednesday in a remote section of Lancaster near the city dump, a Coroner's Office official said.
The city dump was so flail of refuse that it had to refuse more.
After a 10-minute hike through the city dump, McIntosh found what he was looking for: thousands of discarded tires.
n Protests at Maine Road until Manchester City dump boss Joe Royle
The city dump teems with men, women, and children who burrow in filth for their daily bread.
The roadway is crossing an easement conveyed by the City of Inverness over an historic city dump that is no longer used.
The plan proposes that work be divided into four main parts: activating the waste water recycling station at Siniq, erecting a maritime wall to protect the area between the Sidon dump and Siniq, finding a general solution for the city's waste problem and finding a solution for the city dump after closing it.
You can just see Hugh stumbling over poor kids scavenging in a city dump in Cairo.
A CHRIS GEDDES double helped clinical City dump their neighbours in a derby-day cracker.
That project anticipated the eventual merging of the existing county dump with the new city dump into a single landfill with a 90-million-ton capacity.
Tires, plastics and even unknown chemicals are burned in the city dump and in backyards.