Tiger Thistle

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A perennial herb, which is antihypertensive, haemostatic, and said to calm the foetus in pregnancy; it is used for burns, colitis, hypertension, internal haemorrhage, morning sickness, tuberculosis
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This flavone was already identified in Cirsium japonicum [32].
(stem), Stephanandra incisa Zabel (stem), Eucommia ulmoides (leaf), Zanthoxylum piperitum (leaf, root, fructus and stem), Cudrania tricuspidata (leaf), Houttuynia cordata (aerial part), Angelica keiskei (aerial part), Cirsium japonicum var.
Scientific name Used part I[C.sub.50] value ([micro]g/ml) Eucommia ulmoides leaf 6.69 Zanthoxylum piperitum leaf 7.41 Cudrania tricuspidata leaf 13.29 Zanthoxylum piperitum root 15.29 Zanthoxylum piperitum fructus 15.66 Zanthoxylum piperitum stem 22.04 Houttuynia cordata aerial part 22.74 Angelica keiskei aerial part 23.34 Cirsium japonicum var.
This CIF contains seven Chinese medicinal herbs: Radix Astragali Mongolici, Indigowood Root, Indigowood Leaf, Endoconcha Sepiae, Bletilla striata, Cirsium japonicum, and Common Cephalanoplos Herb.
The CIF is composed of seven Chinese medicinal herbs: Radix Astragali Mongolici (50 g), Indigowood Leaf (50 g), Indigowood Root (50 g), Endoconcha Sepiae (30 g), Bletilla striata (30 g), Cirsium japonicum (10 g), and Common Cephalanoplos Herb (10 g).
Cirsium japonicum has been employed traditionally in the treatment of inflammatory symptoms.
Consistent with the anti-TNF-[alpha] effect of luteolin, one major component of Cirsium japonicum in D-galactosamine/ lipopolysaccharide-induced liver damage model [31], this CIF also significantly reduced serum level of TNF-[alpha] in UC patients.