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Indirect, roundabout, wordy, or evasive speech, noted in Alzheimer disease and other dementias.
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The belief is that it is unlucky to mention certain words and entities while at sea, she says, and in many cases--though not invariably--in Ireland and elsewhere, fishermen replaced the ominous words by a variety of circumlocutions and euphemisms.
Conversations in a formal meeting can rival any other language in circumlocutions and avoidance of any substance while heavy with pontifications.
It means there are 14 senators, a numerical majority, who are unwilling to acquiesce in the legal circumlocutions that were used to justify the ruling in Republic vs Sereno.
In all these circumlocutions, what is interesting is that while India has justifiable grounds to hedge itself from these binding agreements, the real reasons for playing spoilsport on these commitments lay elsewhere.
Not the pedantic "Why do you write this or in this manner?" In rereading--what an heroic effort!--my first collection of prose (Gertrudis) and the poems that L'Amic de les Arts published uninterruptedly in every number over its three-year existence, I had to situate myself, with enormous difficulty, in moments of unusually frank optimism so as to hear once more the arguments that support my delusion about the legitimacy of printing my poetic periphrases (circumlocutions?), even if in editions of one hundred copies.
It is refreshing to read such a book without the usual excess verbiage, circumlocutions, and dodges.
They also invented words for the most frequently used military terms, and in a stroke of brilliance, used poetic circumlocutions for some of them: America, for instance, became "our mother"; a submarine was an iron fish; a grenade, a potato; a battleship, a whale.
But speaking well, as that is understood in politics -- circumlocutions serving tactical reticence -- is not his forte.
I also cannot see for one minute why Iran would want to imitate North Korea's tortuous circumlocutions and somersaults.
For example, the OT Word of the Lord and passages in the Book of Wisdom may at times suggest circumlocutions for the divine as well, and could be the foundation of John's appropriation of the divine Word title into his Prologue.
Given the legislative circumlocutions that imperiled health care reform, the path forward for longterm care insurance seems murky indeed.
He has avoided the circumlocutions that normally dominate Iranian political discourse.