Circular Insanity

(1) Bipolar disorder, See there
(2) Cyclothymia, See there
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Jean-Pierre, French psychiatrist, 1794-1870.
Falret disease - manic-depressive psychosis. Synonym(s): circular insanity; cyclic insanity
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By determining a customer's risk tolerance and working within its boundaries, the advisor avoids the circular insanity of the norm: a customer capitulates to media (or other) pressure and gets out of the market, always at the wrong time.
This seemed sufficiently important to us to serve as a basis for a specific mental disorder, which we call circular insanity because these patients repeatedly undergo the same circle of sickness, incessantly and unavoidably, interrupted only by rather brief respites of reason." Jean Pierre Falret, 1854
includes on the one hand the whole domain of the so-called periodic and circular insanity, on the other hand simple mania, the greater part of the morbid states termed melancholia and also a not inconsiderable number of cases of amentia." Emil Kraepelin, 1921

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