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Cyber Digital will also wholesale its local circuit switching and IP broadband services to competitive telecom carriers.
Although the SMB sector is where the significant volume has been through 2004, larger centers are seeing advantages for distributed operations because the technology facilitates increased agent utilization over traditional circuit switching.
NEW YORK -- Cyber Digital to Wholesale its Local Circuit Switching and IP Broadband Services to Competitive Telecom Carriers
OTC BB: CYBD), a leading designer, software developer and manufacturer of advanced digital voice and broadband data switches, announced that FCC adopts new rules that favor Cyber Digital to evolve as a UNE-P provider for Mass Market Local Circuit Switching and High-Capacity Loops for broadband markets.
NASDAQ: MCIP) today announced an agreement to deploy Ericsson's Engine solution to migrate MCI's US-based international gateway traffic from traditional circuit switching to carrier-class Voice over IP (VoIP).
We are proud to be working with Cox to deliver a flexible network evolution that will enable them to leverage the benefits of VoIP while preserving and extending investments in circuit switching.
Packet switching is a replacement for traditional circuit switching architectures and allows voice and data traffic to be carried together in distinct "packets" using a single broadband connection and has been referred to as "next generation technology".