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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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The encryption time can be measured as the time that an encryption algorithm takes to produce a cipher text from a plaintext.
The encrypted file is decoded by a standard JPEG decoder to obtain the cipher text image.
This study showed that encrypted uniform messages can provide uniform cipher text.
The existing stream ciphers are vulnerable to frequency analysis attack, brute force attack, correlation attack, algebraic attack known plain text attack, cipher text only attack, etc.
As long as it is not the original key, the cipher text image can not be decrypted, even if there is a difference of one fifth.
This vector is XORed for the first iteration to produce the cipher text from the original plain text.
Tokenisation not only addresses the unanticipated complexities introduced by traditional encryption, but can also minimize the number of locations where sensitive data resides given that the cipher text is only stored centrally.
If the stream of characters that constitute the key is truly random, then the stream of characters that constitute the cipher text will be truly random.
The master keys are used to encrypt all operational keys that should be stored in cipher text in separated databases.
At the receiving end, the cipher text was typed into a machine set up in exactly the same way as the sender's, and the letters of the plain text lit at the lampboard.
Today, cryptography is an elaborate electronic, mathematical, and computational edifice that transforms trillions of bits into or out of cipher text every second.
The fastest DES chips are designed to encrypt data with one key and not to test many keys against the same block of cipher text.