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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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Alhamami, "Attack of against simplified data encryption standard cipher system using neural networks," Journal of Computer Science, vol.
Section 5 presents a hardware realization of a stream cipher system for text and image encryption applications based on the conventional logistic map as a Pseudo-Random Number Generator.
Thus the Bayesian estimation can be used to derive the effective size a cipher system which has like key generator the investigated random source.
The message below was created using an ancient Roman cipher system. It's up to you to change the message back into normal language.
In the almost thirty years since the public revelation that the Allies in World War II broke substantial portions of the German ENIGMA cipher system, Allied codebreaking has become a staple of our understanding of the Battle of the Atlantic.
objective: "to break the stubborn Russian cipher system and
Hellman proposed a new cipher system, public key, that is now in popular use.
The feedback mechanism in the modified Vernam Cipher is the game changing method and it makes the entire cipher system very secure.