Cinema Therapy

A form of therapy or self-help that uses movies, particularly videos, as therapeutic tools. Cinema therapy can be a catalyst for healing and growth for those who are open to learning how movies affect people and to watching certain films with conscious awareness. Cinema therapy allows one to use the effect of imagery, plot, music, etc. in films on the psyche for insight, inspiration, emotional release or relief and natural change. Used as part of psychotherapy, cinema therapy is an innovative method based on traditional therapeutic principles
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I was especially interested in the movie and its clinical issues because I was going to present at a local workshop on Cinema Therapy. (Anyone wanting to do the same may be interested in Beneficial Films, <>, which provides an outline for discussion of this film and many others.)
The study found that people experience mood swings after watching Hollywood blockbusters and could be used as "cinema therapy".
He said: "Our research has proved that Cinema Therapy is already practiced everyday in the UK.
Shrinks are turning to Tinseltown to treat their clients - in American psychoanalysis circles, cinema therapy is more fashionable than Gwyneth Paltrow's wardrobe.