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fairy-tale character oppressed by her stepfamily until she magically attends a ball and ultimately marries a prince.
Cinderella complex - fear of being independent causes unconscious desire to be taken care of by others.
Cinderella syndrome - false accusations made by adopted children of being mistreated or neglected by their stepmothers.
Cinderella dermatosis - skin disease characterized by ash-gray macules occurring most often on palms, extremities, buttocks, and scalp.
Cinderella stepmother syndrome - overcompensation by a stepmother in an effort to be accepted into new family.
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Resurrecting the numinous implications of Cinderella and foregrounding
the female element therein reveals Cinderella's subjectivity.
Disney's live-action Cinderella (2015) and MGM's The
Though a spiritual reading of Cinderella can be (and has been)
Librettist Nikolai Volkov, who in 1940 came up with the idea to use the "Cinderella" story for a ballet, said: "Russian ballet should not forget Cinderella because, in working on this subject, we are able to connect with the traditions of Russian classical choreography, which were identified and established in the great Tchaikovskys works, such as Sleeping Beauty."
Moscow Festival Ballet is happy to use the original 1945 choreography of "Cinderella" by Rostislav Zakharov as the base for its production.
"Cinderella" is a beautiful fairy tale where light prevails over darkness and good defeats evil.
Enjoy as Moscow Festival Ballet dancers perform the best of all fairy tales in the world "Cinderella"!
"The story of "Cinderella" follows the fortunes of young Ella whose merchant father remarries after the tragic death of her mother.
For fans' reaction, here are some of the posts on Twitter concerning the new Disney live action "Cinderella" movie:
Disney's Cinderella Official Teaser Trailer: ( Oh wait.
woah there would be a actors and actresses like real persons on Cinderella this 2015 wthhhh excited - Jewel Ann a (@PeppermintSwift) ( May 16, 2014