James E., 20th-century U.S. nephrologist. See: Brescia-Cimino fistula.
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No," admitted Michael Cimino, a real estate salesperson at National Retail Group at Marcus & Millichap, "but with the bike traffic, they're making it more walkable, which I definitely think will improve the area.
The Cimino family adopted her in 2013, and back then she was nervous around people.
Measured by its impact, the BDS campaign to isolate Israel has been about as successful as the Charge of the Light Brigade, say, or the theatrical run of Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate, or any other cataclysmic failure that still inspires us, decades later, to ponder the bottomless depths of human ineptitude.
Lee Cimino, 30, booked a ticket to Belfast, Northern Ireland, for his birthday through Ryanair two days before the new fee was put into place.
Lee Cimino, 30, crammed 10kg worth of possessions into a jacket before flying from Manchester to Belfast.
15 June 2018 - Minneapolis, US-based wealth management firm Wealth Enhancement Group has acquired Wisconsin, US-based independent financial advisory practice Cimino Wealth Advisors, to extend geographic footprint across four contiguous Midwestern statesa[euro]"Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 15, 2018-Wealth Enhancement Group Acquires Cimino Wealth Advisors to Expand Footprint in Midwest US
Cimino, as the inventor and pioneer of the AVF, believed nurses were fundamentally invaluable to the success of the access.
In the two years that Cimino has led the tourism division, a plethora of creative marketing efforts have breathed new life into New Hampshire's brand as a vacation destination, and that presence has paid off.
OSCAR.WINNING director Michael Cimino, whose film The Deer Hunter became one of the great triumphs of Hollywood's 1970s heyday and whose disastrous Heaven's Gate helped bring that era to a close, has died.
WASHINGTON: Michael Cimino, director of the Oscar-winning Vietnam War film "The Deer Hunter," has died at the age of 77, several sources said.