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district in Czechoslovakia where the disease was first described in 1929.
Teschen disease virus - a picornavirus causing Teschen disease of pigs. Synonym(s): infectious porcine encephalomyelitis virus
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They describe co-design projects in London, Brussels, Bilbao, Saint-[ETH]tienne, Milan, Graz, Ljubljana, Cieszyn, Belgrade, Helsinki, and Tallinn that involved public art, theater, benches, bus stations, learning spaces, and other experiments in people-centered design.
PPG has announced the completion of a Colorful Communities project in Cieszyn, Poland, that helped to revitalize and beautify the city center by adding colorful mural art to a wall and sponsoring the first-ever Mur Art festival of murals.
The artists are based in and around the towns of Bielsko-Biala and Cieszyn in south-west Poland.
This is most obviously the case in Flaga (1972-2000), 2002, a work that entails, in the words of the artist, "a Fiat 126 produced in Turin, Italy, in 1974 and customised using parts manufactured and fitted in Poland, following a journey of 1290 km from Turin to Cieszyn." Starling himself drove the red car from Italy to Poland (in 1974, Fiat moved a production plant there from Italy) and proceeded to reveal aspects of the fabrication normally unnoticed by the average customer.
PPG Completes Colorful Communities Project in Cieszyn, Poland