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A popular term modified by the health and life insurance industry to encompass the act of convincing of a consumer to buy more life insurance, with the promise that it would be paid for with built-up values on old policies
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In your financial life, keep the cost of churning in mind.
The culminating point, which all good teachers must include in their plans, was the slowing down of the churning for the "gathering," or coming together of all those curds into one big beautiful ball of golden butter.
Vasuki's neck fans into five serpent heads gripped by Bali, the king of the demons, at the southern end of the wall illustrating the Churning of the Milky Ocean at Angkor Wat.
In addition, Dreyer's reports that, since slow churning works equally well on ice creams with higher fat formulas, it anticipates applying its slow-churned technology to other products in the future.
It also examines when the firm will churn its personnel, when the stars will decide to quit, and under what conditions the firm is worse off after churning.
In fact, churning cost the nation's largest dial-up ISPs at least $10 billion last year alone.