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A photograph taken as one of a series for the purpose of showing successive phases of a motion.
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chronophotographs of fencers in action and horses galloping (what we
Like Aristotle investigating the common ground of animal movement, his chronophotographs analyzed the motion of cats and horses and birds, men running and fencing.
(33.) It is instructive to contrast the effect achieved by Stieglitz here with the chronophotographs of Muybridge or Marey.
Indeed, if "the movies" describes a cinematic century, one encompassing film, television, video, digital imaging, lantern slide shows and other projections, photo essays, illustrated magazines, postcards, chronophotographs, etc.--that is, the very objects that constitute the picture industry suggested by "Picture Industry"--then Panofsky's provocation is self-evident.
The arrangement recalls Etienne-Jules Marey's extraordinary nineteenth-century chronophotographs of landing birds.
Particularly evident was the artist's fascination with the late-nineteenth-century chronophotographs of Etienne-Jules Marey, especially his studies of the movement of smoke and fluids, echoed here in Veilhan's large, breathtaking sculpture Air Hockey Table, 2008, on which black cylinders slide slowly and furtively.