chronic pancreatitis

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chron·ic pan·cre·a·ti·tis

recurrent bouts of inflammatory disease of the pancreas characterized by fibrosis and varying degrees of irreversible loss of exocrine and ultimately endocrine function.
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chronic pancreatitis

A condition characterised by inflammation of the pancreas.

Risk factors
Alcohol abuse, cystic fibrosis, gallstones, pancreas divisum, drugs/medication.

Clinical findings
Abdominal pain, malabsorption, secondary diabetes.

Autoimmune, familial, SPINK mutation-related.

Alcohol, nutritional, hereditary (e.g, cystic fibrosis), protein defects, idiopathic, trauma, hypercalcaemia.

Pseudocyst formation.
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chronic pancreatitis

Chronic relapsing pancreatitis GI disease Recurrent pancreatitis linked to alcohol abuse or hemochromatosis, which may worsen with time. See Pancreatitis.
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Q. Where can I find a doctor specializing in Chronic Pancreatitis in New York City? Looking for a gastroenterologist that specializes in Chronic Pancreatitis or pancreatic diseases, who is known to be an "expert" in this field. If you also know of someone in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, that would be great too.

A. Here you are couple of sites about good Dr. you can find in NYC, this one is from the magazine “New York best doctors 2008”
and here is another site but this one requires registration if I’m not mistaken..

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Symptoms are similar to chronic pancreatitis except some patients may experience painless jaundice.
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All of the patients in the suggestive of chronic pancreatitis group had a honeycombing appearance with more than 3 minor features (Figure 2).
Chronic pancreatitis patients have higher LPS and endotoxin levels than healthy controls, and these correlate with disease duration.
Although, pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia is considered a precursor lesion for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, it may appear in non-neoplastic diseases such as acute or chronic pancreatitis [20].
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Prevalence estimates for chronic pancreatitis are limited to only a few countries (Machicado et al.
Vascular complication in the background of chronic pancreatitis is a rarely observed complication but is potentially life threatening [17].
The results of a placebo-controlled double-blind trial carried out in Japan in patients with PEI due to chronic pancreatitis or pancreatectomy showed a significant improvement compared with placebo in fat absorption before and after the administration of Lipacreon as calculated from the volume of fat intake and the volume of fat in the patients' stools.
The condition can be caused by cystic fibrosis or chronic pancreatitis, among other reasons.
By analyzing altered gene expression, the researchers identified four messenger RNA (mRNA) biomarkers--KRAS, MBD3L2, ACRV1 and DPM1--that differentiate pancreatic cancer patients from non-cancer subjects (both those diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and healthy controls) with 90 percent sensitivity and 95 percent specificity.

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