chronic otitis media

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chronic otitis media

Recurrent middle ear inflammation.

Mechanical trauma, chemicals, allergies, pathogens; may follow persistent acute OM, extend from mastoiditis or arise in fluid build-up with tympanic membrane rupture or damage to auditory ossicles.
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chronic otitis media

Middle ear infection ENT Recurrent middle ear inflammation due to mechanical trauma, chemicals, allergies, pathogens; COM may follow persistent acute OM, extend from mastoiditis or is linked to fluid build-up with tympanic membrane rupture or damage to auditory ossicles
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Chronic otitis media

Inflammation of the middle ear with signs of infection lasting three months or longer.
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Surgery is the treatment of choice for chronic otitis media. A measurable outcome of the surgical treatment of patients with chronic otitis media is hearing improvement.
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Chronic otitis media (COM) remains a common ear disease.
The choice of antibiotics for chronic otitis media depends upon their efficacy, safety, availability and cost.
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According to the World Health Organization report 2004, the prevalence of chronic otitis media cases in the general population of South East Asia is approximately 5.2%.

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