chronic cough

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chronic cough

A cough that occurs daily for at least three weeks.
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Patient discussion about chronic cough

Q. What causes a chronic cough? I had a cold for a few days, acompanied with cough. it all passed and the cough stays for over a month now! is it chronical? what to do in that case?

A. i would go check it up with a Dr. it sometimes happen that the disease is longer then is seems. the body fight the infection lowering it down and then it stays in a low level and cause to partial symptoms.
but this is just a guess. you may have another cause.

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BLU-5937, a highly selective P2X3 antagonist - (>1500 fold) for human P2X3 receptors versus P2X2/3 receptors - has the potential to be an important treatment option for chronic cough and chronic pruritus patients.
Refractory chronic cough is a painful, debilitating condition characterised by unexplained coughing episodes ranging from 10s to 100s of times per hour and persisting for longer than 8 weeks.
This is the first case report of a patient presenting with chronic cough as the primary complaint.
Now, the 75-year-old, who performs with St Asaph's Choral Society, is part of a new study at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) that aims to find out more about a promising new drug called MK-7264 that could help chronic coughs caused by a variety of factors.
She is part of a study at atManchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT)that aims to find out more about a new drug called MK-7264 that could help chronic coughs.
Secondary outcomes were chronic cough (3 or more months of cough for at least 2 consecutive years, regardless of phlegm production), chronic phlegm (3 or more months of phlegm production for at least 2 consecutive years, regardless of cough), and chronic cough or phlegm.
Chronic cough is a common condition related to significant physical and psychological morbidity.
Depression was more common in patients with chronic cough. Furthermore, there was a significant delay in the diagnosis of pSS in patients with chronic cough.
Participants reported whether they had chronic cough and/ or phlegm and whether they had shortness of breath upon exertion.
In linear regression analysis, FEV1 (ml) for workers who had chronic cough was adj b: -829.1, CI: -1273.1, -385.2, chronic wheeze (adj b: -168.8, CI: -319.3, -18.2) and shortness of breath grade 2 (adj b: - 215.6, CI: -387.8, -43.4).
"Medication can improve lung function and quality of life in patients with COPD, so it's important for women with COPD symptoms, such as shortness of breath or a chronic cough, to report them to their doctors," advises Kirana Gudi, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine.

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