paracentric inversion

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par·a·cen·tric in·ver·sion

inversion in a chromosome of a single segment in which the centromere is not included.

paracentric inversion

a chromosomal mutation involving INVERSION of a segment of one arm of a chromosome, not involving the CENTROMERE.


1. a turning inward, inside out, or other reversal of the normal relation of a part.
2. a chromosomal aberration due to the inverted reunion of the middle segment after breakage of a chromosome at two points, resulting in a change in sequence of genes or nucleotides.

paracentric inversion
the inverted segment does not include the chromosome's centromere; has exactly the same size and shape as a normal chromosome but will have different banding patterns.
pericentric inversion
an inversion in a chromosome in which the centromere is included in the inverted segment.
teat inversion
the tip is invaginated so that the orifice is closed by the act of sucking. Causes a problem to sucking pigs. Affected sows should be culled.