chromium trioxide

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chro·mi·um tri·ox·ide

CrO3; chromic acid, a strong oxidizing agent used as a caustic to remove warts and other small growths from the skin and genitals.


a chemical element, atomic number 24, atomic weight 51.996, symbol Cr. See Table 6.

a radioisotope of chromium having a half-life of 27.8 days; used to label red blood cells to determine red cell volume and red cell survival time. Symbol 51Cr. See also cr51edta.
chromium nutritional deficiency
possibly causally related to the onset of diabetes mellitus in primates.
chromium trioxide
possibly carcinogenic in humans. See also chromate.
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The extent of such modification can be assessed with reference to the spectra for the untreated and chromium trioxide modified wood (Fig.
Electroplating involves immersing the metal parts to be plated in a bath of chromium trioxide (Cr[O.