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Christopher, U.S. physician, 1891–.
Johnston organ - organ on fly antennae for sensing air flow during flight.
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Playwrights Local's upcoming 2019-2020 season includes the 5th Annual Cleveland Playwrights Festival and productions of "Live Bodies for Sale" by Christopher Johnston, "Hey Siri" by Mary E.
Gow was sentenced to five years' detention in October that year over the death of 17-year-old Christopher Johnston.
Among the happy buyers was a 16-year-old from Gateshead who had borrowed money from his parents to buy a [pounds sterling]619 rose gold 6s which he took immediately out of its box and Christopher Johnston, a student and part-time worker from Jesmond, who said he wanted the new 6s because of its extra features and took advantage of a day off to buy it.
His barrister, Christopher Johnston QC, said: "He is someone who will require care and support for the rest of his life."
Owner Christopher Johnston said: "He's an outsider but if he's feeling well and jumps all right I think he's a contender."
Christopher Johnston's "China's Military Merchantilism" argues Beijing's grand strategy and foreign policy are fragmented and in danger of being driven by commercial interests backed by military force; the aim of US policy and strategy, therefore, ought to be to decouple the link between China's merchantilism and its military planning.
However, US Navy spokesman Christopher Johnston called Dean's statement as 'speculative and premature', saying that he is not saying that Dean's word's were inaccurate, but what they are saying is that it is not his place to say it.
Arts reporter Christopher Johnston has had playwright Eric Coble on his radar from the time of the writer's earliest productions in Cleveland.
Worcester: David Abdow, Samuel Aboagye, Peter Bui, Kevin Culbert, Joshua Freilich, Matthew Gentile, James Goggins, Daniel Hicks, Christopher Johnston, Joseph Kapur, Charles Lewis Jr., Peter Monahan, Elija Nassar, Ross Ojerholm, Alexander Pappas, Gregory Pappas, Thomas Petry, Nathan Pietrowicz, Dimitri Savidis, JiWon Shin, Joseph Tamilio-Awed, Kevin White, John Woods
Groomsmen were Wafter James Bristow IV of Baltimore, Maryland, and William Melton Bristow 11 of Columbia, brothers of the bride; John Austin Evans III of Jackson; Brian Christopher Johnston of Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Chad Jenkins Provow of Atlanta, Georgia Serving as ushers were Jordan Christopher Brummett of Gainesville, Georgia; Frederick Claybon Corley of Beaufort, South Carolina; the bride's cousin, Matthew Richard Jackson; the bride's uncle, Richard Marion Jackson, of Columbia; Joshua McCarthy of Alpharetta, Georgia; and the bride's cousin, Edward Wade Mullins III of Columbia.
According to Merbanco CEO Christopher Johnston as reported on, 'Despite our best efforts and meeting the Sellers requirements, we were just notified we were not selected to buy Saab.
US private equity firm Merbanco Merchant Banking, which was also among the new potential buyers of Saab, is now out of the negotiations, CEO Christopher Johnston said today, cited by news agency Reuters.