Heath, Christopher

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Christopher, English surgeon, 1835-1905.
Heath clip
Heath curette
Heath dilator
Heath dissector
Heath forceps
Heath operation - division of mandibular ascending rami.
Heath scissors
Heath trephiine flap dissector
Parker-Heath anterior chamber syringe
Parker-Heath cautery
Parker-Heath electrocautery
Parker-Heath piggyback probe
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Christopher Heath is president of the New Hampshire Grange, the nations oldest general farm and rural public interest organization.
Christopher Heath is a Member of the Boards of Appeal at the European Patent Office in Munich, Germany.
Sullivan, Thomas Balderston, 24, Christopher Heath, 31, and Christopher Aldred, 23, all of Chatham, Kent, were charged with possessing a firearm with the intention to rob.
Rights and State Punishment, CHRISTOPHER HEATH WELLMAN
A judge entered formal not guilty verdicts when the prosecution announced it had decided to offer no evidence against spiritual medium and clairvoyant Christopher Heath.
Rian Copestick, aged 14, Dean Hopkins, 15, Christopher Heath, 14, Brandon Jones, 15, Ben Clinton, 12, and Ellie Beresford, 14, all completed six different five-hour challenges, including the canal trip.
Christopher Heath, 20, said: "We were woken up by police cars and vans on the street early this morning.
Christopher Heath, chairman of Custom Homes, one of the UK's largest self-build homes package companies said: "Several companies are selling small parcels of agricultural land.
"What was especially ironic was that they had originally taken over Christopher Heath, briefly the highest paid executive in the UK and the first person to trade in the Far East.
THREE years ago Christopher Heath was sacked for being right.
Bridgend-based psychic and spiritual medium, Christopher Heath, 30, of Coegnant Road, Maesteg has been charged with nine counts of fraud and one allegation of intending to pervert the course of justice.
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