Scheiner, Christoph

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Christoph, German physicist, 1575-1650.
Scheiner experiment - a demonstration of accommodation.
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These pictorial tactics--movie-like visual sequences, the innovative character of which Biagioli overestimates--which represent periodicity and change in time, are the central focus of chapter 3, on the sunspot controversy between Galileo and Christoph Scheiner.
En contraste, las manchas solares se observaron por primera vez en 1611, por el matematico y jesuita Christoph Scheiner, pero como su religion no le permitia disentir de sus superiores, tuvo que reconocer que el Sol es impoluto y que, por lo tanto, esas manchas en realidad estaban cerca de la estrella pero no en su superficie.
Renaissance scholars speedily turned their new optics to the skies, and four independent discoveries of sunspots were made from 1610 to 1612 by David Fabricius, Thomas Harriot, Christoph Scheiner, and Galileo Galilei.