Scheiner, Christoph

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Christoph, German physicist, 1575-1650.
Scheiner experiment - a demonstration of accommodation.
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In the four chapters of its first part, Blackwell offers a reconstruction of the various events behind the scenes of Galileo's trial and condemnation (April-June 1633) and of the role played in it by two important dramatis personae (the Jesuits, Melchior Inchofer and Christoph Scheiner).
These pictorial tactics--movie-like visual sequences, the innovative character of which Biagioli overestimates--which represent periodicity and change in time, are the central focus of chapter 3, on the sunspot controversy between Galileo and Christoph Scheiner. Finally, in chapter 4, Biagioli attempts to show how Galileo's use of the metaphor of the book of nature emerged in response to theologians' criticisms of Galileo's portrayal of the relationship between astronomical knowledge and scriptural exegesis.