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Surname of a child (Stephen Christmas) with the disease subsequently called Christmas disease; first case studied in detail. See: Christmas disease, Christmas factor.
See also: Christmas factor, hemophilia B.
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Carvedilol Hibernation Reversible Ischaemia Trial—Marker of Success. A study that asked if hibernating myocardium predicts the amount of carvedilol-induced improvement of LVEF-left ventricular ejection fraction in patients with heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction due to ischaemic heart disease
Conclusion There was no significant difference between hibernators and nonhibernators in increasing LVEF with carvedilol
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To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets, just tell us: What is the Selfridges Christmas theme this year?
The store's Christmas theme this year is "play", based on the belief that consumers are sick of the downturn and the frugal living it requires.
Geraldine Dahlke will provide a demonstration on a Christmas theme and there will be free tea and coffee.
THE Crapland Christmas theme park has finally closed down.
Blooming Tree Press has put together a splendid collection of short stories, poems, and illustrations with a Christmas theme. MISTLETOE MADNESS is a 384-page treat for children ages 7-12, however, adults, any age, will enjoy it just as much.
Then there was a Christmas theme singalong two years ago which attracted a lot more than the carol service.'
And can you imagine denim as Christmas theme? It can be done-holiday balls clad in denim, for instance.
There will be eight general knowledge rounds, all of which will have a Christmas theme.
Aged between eight and 18, they performed with supreme confidence in a cabaret with a Christmas theme, staged on two nights.
Peter Sotheran, pictured, chairman of the almshouses' trustees, said: "Any group that can give a polished performance, perhaps with a Christmas theme, is welcome."
A CHRISTMAS theme park dubbed Winter Blunderland has so far failed to give refunds to up to 50,000 customers.
Sculptors, potters and painters from across the valley are amongst the many creative locals who have been invited to showcase their response to the Christmas theme.