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Surname of a child (Stephen Christmas) with the disease subsequently called Christmas disease; first case studied in detail. See: Christmas disease, Christmas factor.
See also: Christmas factor, hemophilia B.
Carvedilol Hibernation Reversible Ischaemia Trial—Marker of Success. A study that asked if hibernating myocardium predicts the amount of carvedilol-induced improvement of LVEF-left ventricular ejection fraction in patients with heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction due to ischaemic heart disease
Conclusion There was no significant difference between hibernators and nonhibernators in increasing LVEF with carvedilol
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But the shocked mum said there was no doubt the Christmas decorations allowed the fire to grow so rapidly.
16 alongside a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas decoration to the disappointment of their neighbors who deemed it "offensive," leading the HOA to take action.
Mayor of Paphos, Phedonas Phedonos, announced the decision via social media, posting: "New Christmas decorations in our city were awarded for the offer 130 thousand euros- Paphos is changing
But when exactly are you meant to take your Christmas decorations down?
Shoppers are busy buying gifts for loved ones and adorning their homes with traditional Christmas decorations.
Unfortunately over time, Christmas decorations will begin to fail, forcing you return to retailers each year to purchase more.
Supply of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, bedding plants, bulbs, spruce and Christmas decorations.
BEIRUT: This time of year is all about Christmas decorations, with every shopping mall, leisure center, hotel and public space competing to put up the best display in town.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Christmas Decoration market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 3.
Staff at Sainsbury's, Newsteads Drive, in North Tyneside began their community work for the New Year by putting their Christmas Decorations to good use.
People tending graves there speculated that the wreaths could have been taken by thieves who planned to pick them up later and sell them as Christmas decorations.
We can see Christmas decorations for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ everywhere.