Christmas Tree Deformity

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A severe form of jejunoileal atresia (Grosfeld’s type IIIB), in which a single branch of the superior mesenteric artery fully develops, supplying, in a retrograde fashion, a markedly shortened ileum, arranged in a radiologic pattern fancifully likened to a reversed ‘Christmas tree’
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Christmas tree syndrome symptoms include itchy nose, watery eyes, wheezing, coughing, chest pains, lethargy and insomnia.
Christmas Tree Syndrome is caused by mould spores and was discovered after scientists investigated a peak in breathing problems during December.
Known as Christmas Tree Syndrome, symptoms include itchy noses, watery eyes, wheezing, coughing and even pneumonia.
IF someone says they're suffering from Christmas Tree Syndrome, you'd be forgiven for thinking they're having a laugh.