Christmas Tree Pattern

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Dermatology A finding in pityriasis rosea; the lesions are oval, 1-cm pink-brown papules, covered by fine keratinaceous scales, which correspond to parakeratosis, and aligned parallel to the skin cleavage lines of the trunk; lesions fade after 2-12 wks
Molecular biology Feathering pattern A descriptor for the ultrastructural pattern—seen by the technique of rotary shadowing after gene activation by DNA polymerase—when multiple pre-rRNAs simultaneously initiate transcription on a single DNA molecule. Each of the feather’s ‘branches’ corresponds to chains of nascent rRNA which are progressively shorter towards the initiation site
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"What I have seen more often in women is frontal accentuation, which I originally called a 'Christmas tree pattern of loss," she said.
The venerable Spode Christmas Tree pattern got new legs when its gift box was updated last year.
Spode has launched two consumer advertising campaigns for its Christmas Tree pattern. One series, created in conjunction with licensing partner Wallace Silversmiths, is running in Traditional Home, Country Home and Southern Accents magazines beginning with the November issues.
Spode's Christmas Tree pattern is good for the holidays, and Lenox's Holiday has come around in the past several weeks.
It could be brown, green or purple, but one thing's for certain, this belted cardy with its jazzy Christmas tree patterns warns us that we're looking back to the 1970s - or June, 1977, to be precise - as this young man holds his mum's hand tight while watching the Mersey ferry, Woodchurch, sail away from Liverpool's Pier Head into the summer haze Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE