Christine Jorgensen

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A person (1927–89) born in the US as George Jorgensen, Jr., who, having felt that he was a woman trapped in a man’s body, in 1952 underwent in Denmark what was not the first, but certainly the most famous sex-change operation. Jorgensen died of bladder cancer that had metastasised to the lungs at age 62
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The first chapter in this section focuses on how the social acceptability of Christine Jorgenson's transition was facilitated through her ability to perform a (hetero) normative white womanhood, which worked against the opportunities available to Black trans women.
Many older Americans recall the transition of Christine Jorgenson. Born George Jorgenson, she became a celebrity after traveling to Denmark in 1952 for gender-confirming surgery.
1952: Christine Jorgenson became the first person to admit in public to having a sex change.