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The moderates and liberals believed that the church's mission was to buttress and Christianize civilization.
In an early circulated version, the authors note that the purpose of Baptist theology is not to "Christianize the social order" but "to be for the church and the gospel in a hostile world" and they describe the relationship of the church to the world in the following way:</p> <pre> We believe that when God's people live together as a colony of heaven (Phil 1:27; 3:20; Col 3:1-4; Heb 11:8-10), the gift of God's freedom will keep them from the reach of all worldly rulers, powers, and authorities ...
The presence of the church only perpetuates the strong feeling that the Catholic church is making a deliberate effort to Christianize sites and symbols of the Holocaust.
His answer was to "Christianize them," recognizing they will not of their own devices come to Protestant churches.
It has done so directly contrary to the Second Vatican Council, which during the years 1962-1965 repeatedly called upon the laity to assume the task assigned to them, namely to Christianize the world of politics and the professions, of commerce and civilization.
Their efforts to Christianize and educate blacks, though, drew the Assembly's attention, and the representatives chastised Jonathan and Hugh and extracted promises that they would teach only their own slaves and refrain from publicly denouncing the institution.
I heard myself saying, aloud: Number four, in the light of numbers one through three, as I have just demonstrated, Your Honor--God, that is--we have no choice but to take all the islands and govern the people to the best of our ability, to educate and civilize them and to Christianize them--and in my sudden certitude, I knew that God was speaking to and through me, and that we would all of us do our best by them, or our fellow men for whom Christ also died.
Seven chapters are: the original inhabitants of the Albany region; first contact; from visitors to invaders--the garrison era, 1826-1831; the beginning of free settlement and Aboriginal dispossession at Albany, 1831-1850; the pastoral era, and European attempts to Christianize and civilize AlbanyAEs Aboriginal population, 1851-1877; the coming of the Great Southern Railway, 1878-1904; oto make provision for the better protection and care of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Western Australiao, 1905-1926.
Having fought popular culture for centuries, he says, believers sought to Christianize it instead.
ADL National Director Abraham Foxman recently gave a series of strongly worded speeches in which he criticized Religious Right groups for trying to "Christianize" the United States.
Before becoming sovereign nations, Belgium and Holland contributed such notable Jesuits as Ferdinand Verbiest (1623-88) and Antoine Thomas (1644-1709) to the campaign in Catholic Europe to Christianize and exchange scientific knowledge with China.
The Religious Right would like to use the battle over the Commandments as an opening salvo to "'Christianize" this nation.