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It has done so directly contrary to the Second Vatican Council, which during the years 1962-1965 repeatedly called upon the laity to assume the task assigned to them, namely to Christianize the world of politics and the professions, of commerce and civilization.
There is also a general thesis which emerges: namely, that the Tristan legend as we know it represents an attempt to Christianize a pre-existing pagan story, and we should understand specifically that Tristan and Iseut, once they have established their association, retreat from a fun sexual relationship and practise a policy of what Chocheyras terms chastete formelle.
Their efforts to Christianize and educate blacks, though, drew the Assembly's attention, and the representatives chastised Jonathan and Hugh and extracted promises that they would teach only their own slaves and refrain from publicly denouncing the institution.
Other authors--from Phyllis Wheatley to Absalom Jones--view the verse as a call to Christianize Africa.
Having fought popular culture for centuries, he says, believers sought to Christianize it instead.
Sincere, well-intended folk sought to rectify this perceived lack and expended great efforts to civilize and Christianize the native peoples.
The theologian in Quebec must have suffered from the same deception as the one in Toronto, thinking that the Second Vatican Council wanted the Church to accommodate herself to the world when the Church really wanted renewal to better face the world and Christianize it.
John Early's basic hypothesis is that this phenomenon can be understood at least in part by a comparison of the basic worldview of the Mayas and that of the Spanish missionaries, mostly of the Dominican and Franciscan orders, who were sent to Christianize them from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries (from the late 1700s secular diocesan priests offered sporadic ministry to these communities).