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The remaining main chapters of the book look at world Christianity through each of the five lenses in turn.
They see Christianity as a religion of love and respect for life," he said.
In "The Invention of Jewish Christianity in John Toland's Nazarensus," Matt Jackson-McCabe highlights the way in which original Christianity is for Toland about faith or an "internal spiritual disposition" (p.
Alexander Chow is chancellor's fellow in world Christianity in the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, and associate editor of Studies in World Christianity.
Its principal aim is not so much to inform the readers on Asian Christianity as to help them follow its journey of many encounters, analyze and interpret them in the context of global Christianity as well as in the context of other disciplines of humanities and social sciences" (5).
Creating hereditary heathenism involved transforming Christianity from a universal faith to a religion dominated by whites.
The book also demonstrates that it is no longer acceptable to argue that Nubia converted to Christianity because Silko, the last Pharaoh in the Nile Valley and the first Christian king of Nubia inaugurated the beginnings of Christianity in the Nile Valley and Sudanic civilization of ancient Nubia.
He said he had been inspired by overhearing discussions of chapel deacons who knew about the rise of Christianity from religious texts, but not the historical context, and from lessons at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen, where study of Greek and Roman had bypassed development of Christianity.
Part four analyzes Christianity as lived experience: the life cycle, penance, healing, the body, gift-giving, and the liturgy as ritual performance.
This book narrates the story of American Christianity--how America shaped its Christianity and how Christianity impacted American history.
Mrs Blair, 54, said Christianity was "ambivalent to women" and added: "But when it comes to the public face of Christianity, now women are virtually invisible.
Oden argues that the origins for the varieties of Christianity practiced among peoples of Western European descent can be traced back to the varieties of Christianity practiced in pre-Islamic Africa.