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This interpretation might also fit the late Slavic elite burials: in the eleventh-twelfth centuries, Pomerania and Mecklenburg were the target of Christianisation and military aggression by the Danes, Germans and Poles, and the aristocracy had to struggle for power in their lands.
It urged that measures be taken to ensure the protection of indigenous peoples, including the implementation of programmes for their Christianisation and 'civilisation'.
Les reactions face aux tentatives de christianisation sont un peu les memes en Nouvelle-France et en Chine.
Each period is discussed under the canopy of a huge topic such as "the Christianisation of public space," "hegemonic discourses," "demotic discourses," or "globalisation" (v).
Christie's quite voluminous book, over 500 pages long excluding notes and bibliography, aims to analyse the transformations the Italian peninsula went through between AD 300 and 800 by focusing on four distinct aspects: Christianisation, towns, countryside and fortifications.
Des premieres expeditions missionnaires a la fondation d'etablissements religieux permanents, la christianisation s'effectue par vagues successives, mais differemment selon la nature des contacts.