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Lisa Wolvertons essay on the Christianisation of Bohemia is a model of solid scholarship and critical evaluation.
He is concerned with the survival of physical structure - baths, government buildings, roads - and the new forms of civic government, the decline and end of public spectacles, the Christianisation of education, the changes in social and economic life, movement out of the cities and the development of the new kingdoms which succeeded the Empire in the West and with them, new forms of allegiance.
Agenor inveighs against such practices: "Il s'etait souvent insurge contre les absurdes sorcelleries avec sacrifices sanglants." By contrast, in the sensual "La maison de Wencheng" (Reunion) she valorizes forgotten rituals, blaming their loss on "christianisation et ...
More than thirty years ago, in his seminal paper on aspects of the christianisation of the Roman aristocracy (1961), Peter Brown bade us to turn aside from the legislation of the fourth century emperors and consider, instead, the culture, the marriages, and life-styles of aristocratic families.
For von Guttner-Sporzynski, the Christianisation of Pomerania by the Piasts during this period was an important factor in the change of concept.