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This third interchange of the Christian name was completed at the moment when Madame Defarge put her toothpick by, kept her eyebrows up, and slightly rustled in her seat.
Oh, well, he will add, `We are warranted in believing that this Fernand is not the illustrious Count of Morcerf, who also bears the same Christian name.
They started to call one another by their Christian names.
Leonard's, Shoreditch, contains Christian names which appear to have been chosen with reference to the heroines of Shakespeare; and the record of burials bears the name of many an old actor of mark whose remains now lie within the churchyard.
Thirteen years ago," he said, "two young men--call them by their Christian names, Wingrave and Lumley--shared a somewhat extensive hunting box in Leicestershire.
He patted children on the head like Sir Roger de Coverley going to church, he spoke to people in the background by their Christian names, he condescended to all present, and seemed for their consolation to walk encircled by the legend in golden characters, 'Be comforted, my people
Indeed, the temper of the meeting was now unfavorable to separate conversation; it had become rather debauched and hilarious, and people who scarcely knew each other were making use of Christian names with apparent cordiality, and had reached that kind of gay tolerance and general friendliness which human beings in England only attain after sitting together for three hours or so, and the first cold blast in the air of the street freezes them into isolation once more.
Fortunately, my married surname happens to be another Christian name and some of my friends prefer to use this.
The 15-year-old (right) comes from a family so table-tennis mad that she was given her Christian name because the initials are TT.
SIR - I wonder how many of the young Swansea contemporaries of the poet pronounced his Christian name "Dilan"?
And in the boy's chart, X Factor winner James Arthur should be happy enough with an eight placing for his Christian name.
McDonald, the Close House golf membership manager, needs to know the golfer's commonly-used Christian name and surname, his handicap and contact details.

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