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In 2004, she issued a computerized national identification card stating both her Christian name and faith.
When given a Christian name, the girls are often named after their mothers and are tagged with the Jr.
Both Ciappelli in this section, and Anthony Molho, in the fourth section on the transmission of memory, point to reasons of state to explain, on one hand, the proliferation of libri di famiglia, and on the other, a sudden surge in the use of surnames in documents between 1300 and the mid-Quattrocento, culminating in the organization of the 1458 index to the Tratte (drawings for offices) for the first time by surname rather than by Christian name.
At first a sign of conversion, taking a Christian name was later associated with the rites of passage marked by the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders.
Karol Wojtyla, the Christian name of the saint, became pope in 1978, the first non-Italian pontiff in more than 400 years.
McDonald, the Close House golf membership manager, needs to know the golfer's commonly-used Christian name and surname, his handicap and contact details.
In West Bengal, where a revolution took place, there is just one Christian name.
Derren can't even spell his Christian name correctly.
In his last moments Mr Pyke, 20, had written DAV, the first three letters of Heiss's Christian name, in his own blood on the side of his computer to alert police to his killer's identity.
Apparently Bernard Matthews, Norfolk turkeys magnate, is easily confused with a recently deceased toupee-sporting controversial northern comedian, sharing the same Christian name.
None of the big name origin sites on the internet have any trace of Reigal, either as a Christian name or a surname.
Cruz, which means "cross" in the couple's adopted country of Spain, is an old-fashioned Christian name usually given to girls and is also a common surname.

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