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De Duve,

Christian, joint winner of 1974 Nobel Prize for work related to cell structure and organization.
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In 1955, he collaborated with Christian de Duve on lysosomes.
After Christian de Duve learned of the results, the two met in New York and chatted in Central Park.
Christian de Duve, a biochemist and Nobel Prize winner who has written on the origin of life, said Waechtershaeuser's new work was ``an extremely interesting finding which fits with the idea that life may have originated in a volcanic setting.
Nobel Prize-winner Christian de Duve said: "We can't exclude the possibility that life came to this planet from Mars by meteorites.
He completed a National Institute of Health (NIH) fellowship in the laboratory of Alan Hofmann, and went on to serve as a guest investigator in the laboratory of the Noble laureate, Christian de Duve, at Rockefeller University.
The Laureates were selected by a jury of 15 eminent international scientists, presided over by Nobel Laureate Professor Gunter Blobel, from Rockefeller University, and Christian de Duve (formerly from Rockefeller University) of the Institute of Cellular Pathology in Belgium.
The faculty of medicine is established in Brussels and its distinguished Christian De Duve International Cellular Pathology Institute includes a Nobel Prize-winning researcher.
The Award jury, comprised of 16 distinguished members of the international scientific community and headed by the 1974 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, Professor Christian de Duve, evaluate the Laureate nominees based on scientific excellence, originality and possible therapeutic applications of their work.
But now, researchers at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) have combined the classic principles in subcellular biochemistry established by Nobel Laureate Christian de Duve with modern proteomics technologies to perform the analysis on a global scale.
Stadtman's intelligence, determination and commitment have made her an eminent scientist," said Professor Christian de Duve, president of the awards selection jury.
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