Huygens, Christian

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Christian, Dutch physicist, 1629-1695.
Huygens ocular - the compound ocular of a microscope, composed of two planoconvex lenses so arranged that the plane side of each is directed toward the observer.
Huygens principle - used in ultrasound technology.
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HISTORY/LANGUAGE ARTS: Divide students into teams and have them research what Galileo Galilei, Jean Dominique Cassini, and Christian Huygens discovered about Saturn.
1675 -- Christian Huygens patented the pocket watch.
Three papers suggest that cosmogony, mathematics, and poetry belong to the "Conjectural Sciences" and therefore belong in an Ideal Academy: Eberhard Knobloch discusses ways in which projects to search for extraterrestrial life were anticipated by earlier writers, including Nikolaus Cusanus, Johannes Kepler, Christian Huygens and Immanuel Kant, and concludes that the Ideal Academy should aim "to transcend the boundaries of understanding and master the world.
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