Christiaan Barnard

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A South African heart surgeon who, in 1967, performed the world’s first human heart transplant, taking the heart of a brain-dead victim of an MVA and implanting it into 55-year-old Louis Washkansky, who lived for 18 days before succumbing to the massive doses of immunosuppressants he received


Christiaan, South African surgeon who performed first successful heart transplant in 1967.
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21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Razorfish, the world leader in helping global brands drive business transformation, today announced it has hired Christian Barnard as group vice president of client engagement of its Central Region.
Contractor address : Parc Chalaronne centre, rue Christian Barnard
But Stewart Douglas, Bishopbriggs, said: "Even heart transplant pioneer Christian Barnard would struggle with this Rangers squad.
Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant in Capetown, South Africa.
Her practice is based at Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital, Cape Town.
Dr Christian Barnard made history with the first successful heart transplant operation in 1967.
I read that the famous heart surgeon Christian Barnard was involved in a Swiss clinic researching fresh cell replacement.
Anyone Who Had A Heart, in those far-away days, was pursued by mad-eyed Christian Barnard on the orders of Dusty Springfield, the iconic actress from the Hammer films.
Surgeon Christian Barnard performed the first of what kind of operation 40 years ago?
of Cape Town, South Africa), who at one time worked in the same transplant unit as renowned heart surgeon Christian Barnard.
The same criticism was leveled at Christian Barnard when he performed the first successful human cardiac transplantation in December of 1967.
Ronnie said: "I remember seeing reports of the first heart transplant operation by Christian Barnard in 1967.
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