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Erna, Danish neuropathologist, 1906-1967. See: Christensen-Krabbe disease.
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Christensen," has been synonymous with fine jewelry and excellence in customer service since Marcus Joy Christensen began working in 1927 as a railroad watch inspector for the Union Pacific Railway in Las Vegas.
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have joined the growing list of celebrity breakups.
WICHITA--Nolin Christensen owns the building that houses The Center.
GLADBACH have hit rock bottom after star defender Andreas Christensen was ruled out with a bum injury.
SUNDERLAND boss Gus Poyet wants CHELSEA'S young centre-half Andreas Christensen on loan next season.
Christensen Farms, which was set up in 1974 as a small family business, has bought the assets of the privately-owned Exetare Partnership, LLP this January.
I knew about Todd Christensen long before I knew he was from Eugene.
La Terapia Conductual Integrativa de Pareja (TCIP) es una propuesta de intervencion psicoterapeutica, la cual hace hincapie en que las personas acepten patrones de comportamiento considerados como inadmisibles en sus parejas (Atkins, Eldridge, Baucom y Christensen, 2005; Barrero, 2008; Cano y Leonard, 2006; Christensen, Atkins, Baucom y Yi, 2010; Christensen y Jacobson, 2000; Cordova, Cautilli, Simon y Sabag, 2006; Jacobson y Christensen, 1996; Jacobson, Christensen, Prince, Cordova y Eldridge, 2000; South, Doss y Christensen, 2010).
Christensen attempted to enlist in the Army, but was turned away.
For the last twenty-six years, [Lew] Christensen has been the quiet and steady force behind the San Francisco Ballet and its rise to international prominence.
And though the New York-based artist attracted the support of important critics, Clement Greenberg among them, and his paintings have joined the collections of more than thirty museums across the country, Christensen has only recently begun to attain the broad recognition his rich, multifaceted work deserves.
Christensen with Kate Horowitz; MEN AND ANGELS: THE ART OF JAMES C.