Christiaan Barnard

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A South African heart surgeon who, in 1967, performed the world’s first human heart transplant, taking the heart of a brain-dead victim of an MVA and implanting it into 55-year-old Louis Washkansky, who lived for 18 days before succumbing to the massive doses of immunosuppressants he received
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Christiaan, South African surgeon who performed first successful heart transplant in 1967.
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Chris Barnard, one of the organisers and a biker for 40 years, said the event had raised PS563 for the charity.
Chris Barnard is chief officer of the Ouseburn Trust, set up around 20 years ago by a group of volunteers looking to preserve its heritage for future generations to enjoy.
Chris Barnard, one of the organisers from the Ouseburn Trust, said this year's event had been even "bigger and better" than the inaugural race last year.
Generational Equity Managing Director Michael Goss and his team, headed by trusted Iowa affiliates Chris Barnard and Todd McGreevy of Marigold Resources, and Generational Equity Vice President Luan Ly, led the deal to a successful close.
"My parents always encouraged me to live life as fully as possible and so I'm thankful for both my parents and grandparents, for the local community that began and oversaw the fund, for everyone across the UK who contributed, for Chris Barnard and his team, and I'm also thankful to God."
However, despite his persuasive powers (and fortunately for us), South Africa was where Raoul wanted to be, so he returned to Cape Town, where he joined Chris Barnard in the Surgical Research Laboratory.
Die ruimtebeskrywing is iets besonders, veral tydens hoogtepunte soos die begin van die roman, waar dieselfde atmosfeer as in "Bos" van Chris Barnard geskep word, en die besoeke aan die inheemse bos en die toorberg.
As an eloquent Dr Chris Barnard once said: 'Die hart is maar net 'n pomp'.
"Much more recently a friend and ex-villager, Chris Barnard, expressed an interest in refurbishing it.
Goals from Chris Barnard, Tom Barnard and Charlie Barton earned Sychdyn a 3-1 success at Brynford United.
Chris Barnard , European Telecommunications and Networking Research Director at analyst firm IDC, said: AoThe current macroeconomic climate favours hosted IP telephony.