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Correction of Hemoglobin and Outcomes in Renal Insufficiency. A trial that studied the use of epoetin alfa treatment to achieve two different target haemoglobin levels in patients with chronic kidney disease
Conclusion The use of a target haemoglobin level of 13.5 g/dl (as compared with 11.3 g/dl) was associated with increased risk and no incremental improvement in the quality of life; the reason is uncertain; theories include some nebulous toxicity from the recombinant epoietin, iron toxicity, and altered blood viscosity, increased platelet activity
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Instead, as a supplier of choral music, Musica Russica should promote a more modest repertory.
The concert promises a wonderful evening of choral music.
The concert will also feature a performance of Handel's Zadok the Priest, one of the most recognisable pieces of choral music that was first performed as an anthem for the coronation of George II of Great Britain in 1727.
Introducing teens to the world of choral music has become a favorite activity for Grant Gershon, director of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, who will conduct the high school students in today's performance.
The fact that he is able to muster such a large number of musicians for this celebration of his career pays testimony to the strong bonds between Davies and Welsh choral music.
The afternoon concert by Minneapolis-based VocalEssence Ensemble Singers takes a cross-section through the whole history of American singing, from the pioneer composer William Billings, a contemporary of George Washington, to Eric Whitacre, a former rock musician now in his late 30s whose choral music is hugely popular in the US and is rapidly becoming well known here.
Written by music director and faculty member of the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music Nick Strimple, Choral Music in the Nineteenth Century is a scholarly and exhaustively thorough discussion of its subject, covering both sacred and secular music for vocal ensembles.
In an effort to further the understanding of gender traits or sexual bias that high school-aged choral music students might be exposed to in their curricular materials, two choral textbooks Choral Connections Beginning Level 1 Treble Voices and Choral Connections Beginning Level 1 Tenor-Bass Voices published by Glencoe MacGraw-Hill in 1999 were analyzed using a modified Bem Sex Role Inventory Model.
Olaf Choir specializes in classical choral music, and Armstrong is developing the choir's repertoire to include more music from Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.
His main aim was to form a boys' choir in the English style, featuring English choral music.
THERE'S renewed interest in choral music that began with the Choirboys' excellent album just before Christmas.
The complete and unabridged text of the biblical "Book of Psalms" is superbly read by Alex Jennings, whose resume includes lead performances for Royal Shakespeare Company productions, and enhanced with English choral music from the 16th and 17th centuries.