Chopart, François

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Chopart, François

Fr. surgeon, 1743–1795.

Chopart amputation

Disarticulation at the midtarsal joint.

Chopart joint

The union of the remainder of the tarsal bones with the calcaneus and talus.
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François, French surgeon, 1743-1795.
Chopart amputation - amputation through the midtarsal joint. Synonym(s): mediotarsal amputation
Chopart ankle dislocation
Chopart articulation
Chopart brace
Chopart fracture
Chopart joint - the synovial joints which act as a unit in allowing the front of the foot to pivot relative to the back of the foot about the longitudinal axis of the foot. Synonym(s): transverse tarsal joint
Chopart osseous joint injury
Chopart partial foot prosthesis
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