Chop Chop Square

A popular name for a place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that hosts public executions by beheading
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A nation condemned by Human Rights Watch for publicly beheading 48 people in the first four months of last year at a plaza in Riyadh, commonly nicknamed Chop Chop Square.
So many heads are lopped off in Riyadh's "Chop Chop Square", there's now a shortage of skilled executioners.
The wide ochre square has been grimly dubbed "chop chop square" has seen dozens of condemned men and women put to death in recent years.
Mr Mitchell and William Sampson, from Glasgow, had faced public beheading in 'chop chop square' after being convicted of being the brains behind the bomb attacks.
Mitchell was sentenced to public beheading in "chop chop square".
Sandy Mitchell, 44, from Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, and William Sampson, also from Glasgow, who has a Canadian passport, had faced public beheading in "chop chop square" after being convicted of being the brains behind the attacks.
He said Mr Rodway had no idea what it was like in Chop Chop Square, the ex-pat nickname for the area where executions in Riyadh take place.
Mitchell and Sampson were sentenced to die by the sword in capital Riyadh's notorious "chop chop square".