Chondrus crispus

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A marine lichen, the dried fronds of which contain carrageenans—polysaccharide complexes; it is demulcent, and emollient, and has been used to soothe coughs and gastric ulcers

Chondrus crispus,

n See Irish moss.
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Chondrus crispus and Mastocarpus stellatus are close relatives (Guiry and Garbary 1990) and are the only species of their respective genera present in the north Atlantic Ocean (Luning 1990).
Chondrus crispus reproduces at a low level throughout the year punctuated by a peak early in the fall (October; Mathieson and Prince 1973, Mathieson and Burns 1975).
Chondrus crispus is a rich source of carrageenan, which is an excellent moisturizer with soothing properties.
From a nutrient standpoint, Chondrus crispus maintains a unique amino acid profile that is extremely well balanced.
For example, concentrations of octadecanoid and eicosanoid oxylipins increased in Chondrus crispus after exposure to cell-free extracts of Acrochaete operculata (Bouarab et al.
Similarly, Chondrus crispus gained in resistance against the endophyte Acrochaete operculata when it was treated with cell-free extract from A.
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Thalli of Chondrus crispus were collected at a shallow subtidal site at 9 m in depth located 0.