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Alcaloide Actividad farmacologica Planta de donde se aislo Anonaina Antimicrobiano Annona muricata Berberina Antimicrobiano Coptis japonica Codeina Analgesico narcotico, Argemone Antitusigeno mexicana Colchicina Disruptivo muscular Colchium autumnale Emetina Parasiticida Uragoga ipecacuanha Liriodenina Antimicrobiana, Annona Anticancerigeno diversifolia Morfina Analgesico narcotico Papaver somniferum Noscapina Antiespasmodico, Papaver Potencial antineoplasico somniferum Papaverina Vasodilatador Papaver somniferum Sanguinarina Antimicrobiano Sanguinaria canadiensis (+)-Tubocurarina Bloqueador muscular Chondodendron tomentosum Tetrandrina Bloqueador de canales Stephania de [Ca.
Chondodendron tomentosum is a native of South America and produces the alkaloid tubocurarine, the principal ingredient in curare.
curare: A variety of poisonous plant extracts from the bark, roots, stems, and tendrils of several woody lianas, including Chondodendron tomentosum.