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The parent hydrocarbon of cholesterol. For structure, see steroids.
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7 Hz) suggested 1,2-glycolic functions with a trans configuration and 2[alpha],3[beta]-dihydroxy cholestane type skeleton [9-10].
5) These steroids have stigmastane (C29), cholestane (C27) and ergostane (C28) skeletons, respectively.
CTX disease is an abnormality of 26-hydroxylation of cholestane diol.
The more active azasteroid antibiotics were cholestane derivatives.
He criticizes its failure to survey how the animals managed their sterol supplements with blood-cholesterol measurements, and the omission in the oxides dose of cholestane triol--a cholesterol oxide now known to be highly atherogenic.
Potent growth inhibitory activity of a novel Ornithogalum cholestane glycoside on human cells: induction of apoptosis in promyelocytic lcukemia HL-60 cells.
The ratio of the areas of cholesterol and 5-[alpha] cholestane was plotted against the cholesterol concentration for injected volumes of 0.
Totally twenty five cyclanes were identified in CDEFs (Table 5), including two bicyclic sesquiterpanes, six cholestanes, sixteen hopanes in addition to 17[beta]H,21[alpha]H-normoretane.