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A form of restraint used to subdue overactive, unruly, violent, or inebriated subjects to prevent them from harming themselves and others, which consists of occluding the upper airway by compressing the thyroid cartilage and displacing the tongue posteriorly; the choke hold is more dangerous than the carotid sleeper, which cuts off the flow of blood to the brain, but does not compromise the airways
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The commission imposed a moratorium on chokeholds back in the 1980s.
The medical examiner ruled that Garner was killed by neck compressions from the chokehold and ''the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Witnesses told Mississippi state investigators that an unarmed black man died after being kept in a chokehold by a white police officer for more than 20 minutes and denied CPR, according to his family's attorneys, who said an autopsy confirmed he was fatally strangled.
New York City has reached a settlement with the family of Eric Garner, who died after being put in a chokehold by police last July, agreeing to pay $5.
Trevor, 60, and Scott restrained him in a chokehold after mum Jill, 59, raised the alarm.
Last week came a depressing report from the UN that the Gaza Strip would be uninhabitable by 2020, thanks to the destruction wrought by Israel in three bloody invasions in the past seven years, combined with chokehold and blockade imposed by Tel Aviv on the embattled Palestinian enclave.
In the edited video, the masked soldier is seen holding a 12-year-old boy, his arm in a cast, in a chokehold in an attempt to arrest him.
Sense and Sensibility star Emma, who is in the capital for a few days chokehold.
A STATE judge in Manhattan acted in the public interest this month when she ordered the city to release a summary of substantiated misconduct findings against the police officer who used a chokehold against Eric Garner last year during an arrest that led to Garner's death.
9 million settlement over his wrongful death in the chokehold incident by NYPD cops.
Welsh Labour's obedient aid in digging a shallow grave for the National Health Service must be met with a response to bury the Labour Party's chokehold over Wales - and with it the fundamentalist neoliberal dogma shared by all capitalist parties.
I hardly think that Israel, with its nuclear stockpiles, drones, chokehold on Palestinians, and warmongering attitudes toward Iran and the rest of the Middle East, has made the world secure.