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A form of restraint used to subdue overactive, unruly, violent, or inebriated subjects to prevent them from harming themselves and others, which consists of occluding the upper airway by compressing the thyroid cartilage and displacing the tongue posteriorly; the choke hold is more dangerous than the carotid sleeper, which cuts off the flow of blood to the brain, but does not compromise the airways
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Davies then put his friend into a choke hold, "squeezing to the point of suffocation" - the victim "pretended to be dead" to get his attacker to let go, something that was to be repeated another three times.
Martial arts instructor Steven Grant has been sentenced for rendering two boys unconscious by performing choke holds on them
He demonstrated it on the older boy, who was put in a choke hold from behind.
Techniques include but are not limited to empty hand fighting using all forms of striking, punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes, choke holds, joint locks, throws, pressure points and ground fighting.
Not only designed to provide realtors with safety tips, the training program also offers a physical defense training session where police officers prepare realtors for unexpected holds such as bear hugs and how to escape them, how to break handholds, and ways to defend themselves against choke holds. These classes can benefit realtors caught alone with individuals attempting to overpower them.
"They also learnt the physical side of it such as eye gouging and kicking, breaking out of restraints and choke holds and how to defend yourself if you are attacked." Last month there were two attacks on female students as they walked home.