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A term, in the series used to describe developmental stages of the parasitic flagellates, denoting the "barleycorn" form of the flagellate in the genus Crithidia characterized by a collarlike extension surrounding the anterior and through which the single flagellum emerges.
See also: amastigote, epimastigote, promastigote, trypomastigote.
[G. choanē, a funnel, + mastix, whip]



collar flagellate

any stalked protozoan that occurs either singly or in branching colonies, possessing a FLAGELLUM surrounded by a cup-like structure into which food particles are wafted by flagellar movement. They are very similar to CHOANOCYTE cells.
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Bioinformatics studies have revealed TRP channels in the genomes of unicellular organisms including representatives of Choanoflagellata, Chlorophyta, Dictyostelia, Euglenozoa, Ciliophora, and Thecomonadea (Cai and Clapham, 2012; Arias-Darraz et al.