A carcinogenic chlorinated polycyclic ketone insecticide and fungicide used in the US between 1966 and 1975. It gained notoriety from its improper handling and dumping into the James River, Virginia, which was subsequently closed to fishing. Chlordecone has a 30-year environmental half-life
Toxicity Tremors, nystagmus, memory loss, headaches, slurred speech, unsteadiness, incoordination, loss of weight, rash, hepatomegaly, decreased libido, sterility, chest pain, arthralgia, and the increased risk of cancer
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Agns Buzyn, Minister of Health, Stphane Travert, Minister of Agriculture and Food and Annick Girardin, Minister of Overseas, anxious to answer the legitimate questions of the people of the West Indies about the health consequences of the use Chlordecone (insecticide, used for more than twenty years in the banana plantations of Martinique and Guadeloupe), organized, for the first time, a working meeting with the parliamentarians of these territories in the Ministry of Overseas.
Idiopathic rICP has been reported in several studies and also as a complication of a list of drugs, including chlordecone (kepone), ketoprofen or indomethacin in Bartter's syndrome, thyroid replacement therapy in hypothyroid children, tetracycline and its derivatives, amiodarone, hypervitaminosis A, lithium carbonate, nalidixic acid, sulfa antibiotics and risperidone.
They were composed of ketoconazole, BPA, valproic acid, and clomiphene (mixture I); ketoconazole, BPA, valproic acid, and theophylline (mixture II); ketoconazole, BPA, valproic acid, clomiphene, theophylline, chlordecone, BPS, and imazalil (mixture III); and bitertanol, BPA, prochloraz, propiconazole, theophylline, chlordecone, BPS, and imazalil (mixture IV).
L'impact de l'utilisation des pesticides sur l'augmentation des cas de cancers a ete particulierement mis en evidence avec l'utilisation du chlordecone dans les Antilles durant les annees70 a 90.
The best known imprinters from the environmental pollutants are lead, arsenic, cadmium, benzopyrene and various dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides (DDT, DDE, methoxychlor, chlordecone, parathion, malathion, paraquat, cypermethrin and cyhalothrin).
4 Among the aetiological factors associated with IIH, lateral or superior longitudinal sinus thrombosis, menstrual irregularities with obesity, obstructive sleep apnoea, endocrine disorders, including adrenal insufficiency, hyper-adrenalism, and corticosteroid hormone withdrawal, hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, menarche, lupus, intoxication with vitamin A or chlordecone, tetracycline therapy, spinal cord tumours, and the Guillain-BarrACopyright syndrome (GBS) are the most known factors.
However, this study is in variance with other works [12,17] that reported an increase in WBC when chlordecone was administered to male Sprague-Dawley rats [17] and when arsenic-poisoned cattle blood parameters were evaluated.
Washington, June 23 (ANI): Researchers have found that exposure to chlordecone (also named Kepone), an organochlorine chemical, can increase the risk of prostate cancer.
Among its additions, the meeting decided to ban chlordecone, an agricultural pesticide, hexabromobiphenyl, an industrial flame retardant; and lindane, which many have used in insecticides for soil, wood and animals.
The money will help fund a plan that calls for stricter limits on the amount of chlordecone used on crops and better-equipped laboratories to test for presence of the pesticide.
Until 2002, many plantations continued to spray a pesticide called chlordecone to control weevils, even though the French government banned the chemical in 1993.
They show that ministers this week (Tues) ordered that aldrin, chlordane, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, toxaphene, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), DDT, chlordecone, the sum of alpha, beta- and gamma-HCH, and hexabromobiphenyl be present in wastes at concentrations not exceeding 50 mg/kg.