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A food derived from pigs which is popular in the southern US
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perfringens, either in the chitterlings or in other foods contaminated during or after preparation of the chitterlings.
The recent emergence of Y enterocolitica 0:3 infections in the United States appears to have been accompanied by the establishment of a widely distributed swine reservoir: chitterlings from many regions of the country harbor Y.
Mom had been simmering chitterlings for hours in the back kitchen, a treat for New Year's Eve, and the smell was similar to raw sewage.
Chitterlings had been prepared in the homes of all case-patients from November 1, 2001, to January 31, 2002, compared with 35% of controls (p<0.001).
A free-standing frozen meat case contained items such as turkeys, ducks, Cornish hens and 10-pound packages of chitterlings. The processed meat case-located near the deli, but considered part of meat- housed cold cuts, canned hams, bacon and sausages.
For even those who occupy that dubiously-named substrata known as the underbelly are more versed in the ciabatta and mozzarella lifestyle than the chitterlings and stodge of old.
"But it's a traditional Brummie delicacy," I told her, "like black pudding and chitterlings."
Those cases were recently featuring 3 pounds of bacon for $4.99, boneless ham at $1.99 a pound and some ethnic dishes like pig ears, pig tails and chitterlings. Family packs are also available.
Predictably, the area boasts plentiful seafood but the Aude region's speciality has to be Cassoulet - kidney beans and knuckle of pork, preserved goose, pork crackling, fresh sausage and chitterlings cooked in a casserole.
During the first two weeks of the month, when assistance checks and food stamps are being distributed, the headlined specials are items like fatback, chitterlings, chicken and lower-priced fish, all of which attract lower-income customers.
In the re-merchandising process, selection has been upgraded to give customers a wider variety of cuts and types of meat and merchandising emphasis has been placed on area favorites: chicken parts, fresh fish, salt fat back, pork neckbones, pig's feet, and chitterlings. To encourage related-item impulse purchases, meat is frequently displayed in the produce department with such tie-ins as smoked ham hocks and hog jowls offered along side fresh greens.