chewing tobacco

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chewing tobacco

A form of smokeless tobacco sold as a shredded product, in contrast to dipping tobacco in which the tobacco leaves are ground.

Health effects
Oral cancer; often disfiguring due to heroic surgery.

chewing tobacco

Smokeless tobacco, see there.

smoke·less to·bac·co

(smōklĕs tŏ-bakō)
A form of the leaf of the plant meant to be chewed or otherwise ingested orally, rather than smoked.
Synonym(s): chewing tobacco.

chewing tobacco,

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Since 2016, the Union Government was in the process of drafting a central law to protect people investing in chit fund schemes by bringing in a legislation on the same.
However, the subscription to the chit funds should be routed through the normal banking channel, including through an account maintained with a bank in India.
For instance, the Saradha Group fraud was perpetrated through a Ponzi scheme , though the group had named it chit fund to avoid scrutiny.
State-of-the-art technology and a transparent accounting system, has transformed Maruthi Chits into an attractive, contemporary alternative to the Banking System.
The chit also gives access to the subscription's account-management page on the publisher's site.
Although the actual cost of the limousine taxis used by the state was 9 million yen, the state was charged 22 million yen, with the two ministry officials receiving the difference from the company mainly in taxi chits, the sources said.
The police said that the accused used to send extortion chit wrapped in a bullet to the doctors on the directives of a man named Furqan from South Africa.
By Rakesh Dixit in Bhubaneshwar THE probe into the multicrore chit fund scam in Odisha acquired distinct political overtones with the chief of one of the Ponzi companies being questioned in the matter urging the central agency to arrest the " conspirators" who were out to ruin him using their political connections.
An emergency radio infrastructure whose owner is complete CHITS this interconnection service by providing a backup for the 3 main sites.
This isn't the proud Indian Rupee we're talking about, this is its less distinguished neighbour: the clean chit.
AMO providing assistance in the development of markets for entretein work of CHITS.
Organised chit fund schemes must be registered with the Registrar or Firms, Societies and Chits