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A food derived from pigs which is popular in the southern US
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The chitlins boiled slowly on the stove with white potatoes and lemon on top that cut the smell.
The chitlins, or cleaned hog intestines, are packed in a 4.5-pound container that retails from $22.99 to $24.99.
In contrast, Cocoa's nostalgia engages in the active reconstruction of memory suggested by hooks in "The Chitlin Circuit," allowing her to redefine notions of black female domesticity and to construct the "homeplace" as a "site of resistance."
It was shot in a cavernous auditorium in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of those southern cities that used to be a stop on the chitlin circuit.
His long road to the top is lined with managers and booking agents, broken-down buses on the "chitlin" circuit, racial and social barriers, failed pop songs, and the glow of truthful blues.
Because gay men participated in rock from the start (although usually in the closet or behind the scenes), their expressions bloomed in the mainstream soon after Stonewall, while lesbians took the time to create their own network of women-only venues, much like the chitlin circuit of yore.
Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound; faster than a bowl of chitlin's....
The aim is to avoid what he dismissively refers to as the "chitlin circuit": the club appearances and state college homecoming weekends where so many regional rap acts make their living.
When Little Richard had a hit with "Tutti Frutti" and left the Chitlin Circuit for Los Angeles, the Famous Flames took over Richard's gigs with Brown as "Little Richard" and Byrd assuming the part of Brown.
As much as television soap opera, it evokes the plays performed for primarily African-American audiences on the so-called chitlin circuit.
Black comedians have come a long way since the days of vaudeville and the old "chitlin circuit," which gave birth to legendary comics such as Redd Foxx and Jackie "Moms" Mabley.