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Obsolete term for surgery.
[G. cheirourgia]
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Similarly symbiosis--convival 'living together.' How about chirurgery (and old term for surgery) from cheir, 'hand' and ergon 'work' = Latin manus and labor 'manual labor' or maybe 'hand work.' Would Mr.
Culpeper's widow invited Cole to produce seventy-nine more, such as multiple editions of the pharmacopoeia, anatomies, herbals, and The Art of Chirurgery. (54) Trying to expand the marketability of these works to the broadest medical audience, Cole broadly advertised Culpeper's titles in his other publications and refuted the idea, furthered by practicing alchemists, that Culpeper was exclusively Paracelsian in outlook.
Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, was May's employer, and the author of a receipt book of preserving and medicines, A choice manuall, or, rare secrets in physick and chirurgery, first printed in 1653.