Chinese traditional medicine

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Chinese traditional medicine

an ancient health care system based on the concept of vital energy (Qi) and the opposing forces of yin (negative energy) and yang (positive energy). It incorporates herbal medicine, exercises, meditation and acupuncture.

Patient discussion about Chinese traditional medicine

Q. What medicines are considered to be traditional chinese? and what are the most common ones and for what propose ?

A. there is a long long list of Chinese herbs and their functions. i must say i'm not an expert and haven't tried all of them but some of them are probably not as affective as western medicine and some of them are better. here is a list of some of the most common ones:

Q. What is the medical sense behind Chinese Medicine? and traditional treatments?

A. it's trial and error of thousands of years. not always true but some times even more effective then western medicine. the best idea is to combine them both. at least that's my opinion.

Q. What makes traditional medications effective? are chineses medications different than others medicines?

A. What makes modern medications effective? Many natural substances have effect on the body. In fact, most of our current modern medications are actually derived from natural sources. Chinese medications may have lower concentrations of the active substances, so they may be less potent, although they may be as dangerous as well. Another difference is that Chinese medications weren't studies as thoroughly as modern medications.

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Launched only last year, the school opened to individuals with Science or Medical backgrounds who wish to study acupuncture, or the more comprehensive Chinese traditional medicine practice, including Chinese herbology and other traditional healing techniques.
The intention was to supply all 3,000-plus pharmacies in Malaysia, to be used by the public to examine medicines bought in the pharmacy or elsewhere, for example, in a market or Chinese traditional medicine store.
Dried gills and meat from manta rays and stingrays are allegedly sold to Chinese pharmacies, as Chinese traditional medicine believes the meat can cure chicken pox, infertility and cancer.
The analysis on the constraining factors and strategy of development of Chinese traditional medicine hospitals.
Thus it is of critical importance to ensure Chinese traditional medicine preparations' production process is stable and controllable, and gurantee the medication is safe and effective.
a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, based on the strategic position of "adhering to the strategy of development of the whole industrial chain of Chinese traditional medicine and priority on quality", established Leishi Traditional Chinese Medicine Center as a step entering into the Chinese traditional medicine healthcare investment and service areas, and, by the combination of famous doctors and renowned traditional Chinese medicine and decoction pieces brands, namely the combination of "skillful doctors and good medicine", created a new model for health service with the integration of the treatment and health preserving.
Kelly Marnewick of the Endangered Wildlife Trust said: "If heads feet and tails were removed then there is likely a link to either Chinese traditional medicine or muthi trade.
Kelly Marnewick, of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, said: "If heads feet and tails were removed then there is likely a link to either Chinese traditional medicine or muthi trade.
Hongyu Jin is Associate Director at the Institue for Control of Chinese Traditional Medicine Ethnic Medicine.
Chinese traditional medicine claims that skin reflects overall health status.
I am actually specialised in Western medicine, but lots of people come to me for Chinese traditional medicine as well as acupuncture and massage therapy.
Atta-ur-Rahman, a large number of collaborations have ben initiated between Pakistan and China including those with the Institute of Medicinal Plants Development (IMPLAD), Tsinghua University, Institute of Applied Biophysics, Beijing Genomics Institute and Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences (ILAS) in Beijing, Honan University of Chinese Traditional Medicine in Changsha, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica and Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry in Shanghai, Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry in Urumqui and many other institutions.

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